About Us

The Building Decarbonization Alliance is a nonpartisan cross-sector coalition

Our Mission

We work to accelerate the electrification of Canada’s buildings.

Our Vision

A future where electrified buildings are part of an affordable and resilient energy system that contributes to a prosperous, sustainable, and decarbonized Canada.

Our work

We convene conversations across and between industry, government, utilities, and civil society to identify structural barriers to electrification, and work with our partners to overcome them. We also:

  • Conduct original analysis, amplify the research of others, and develop tools to provide an evidence-based counterpoint to vested interests that argue for a business-as-usual approach to building heat.
  • Share lessons learned and best practices developed in one part of the country with owners and portfolio managers, builders and developers, design and engineering professionals, and others working elsewhere.
  • Host events and produce resources to increase awareness of the opportunities of building all-electric new buildings and the benefits of decarbonizing existing ones.

Through the above activities, we are helping get the building sector on track to meet its emissions-reduction goals, while creating economic opportunities for Canadians.


The Building Decarbonization Alliance is an initiative of The Transition Accelerator.

Media enquiries: communications@transitionaccelerator.ca
Partnerships and other enquiries: info@buildingdecarbonization.ca

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