Wil Beardmore

Wil is the Founder and President of Bluewater Energy, a custom renewable energy design and build firm located in Guelph, ON.  With over 12 years of experience designing, building, and operating renewable energy systems that include solar energy, energy storage, load management, and generator solutions, Wil leads a team of specialized renewable energy professionals who have installed and commissioned over 20MW of grid-connected solar, in both the commercial and residential sectors, as well as over 1MW of off-grid and grid-hybrid renewable systems. Focused on delivering sustainable energy projects and solutions that deliver long-term value for their clients, communities, and the environment, Bluewater Energy continues to lead the industry by continually innovating, while integrating new and emerging renewable energy technologies that facilitate energy independence, as well as contribute to ensuring our waters continue to remain clean, and clear blue for future generations.